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Finding the perfect shirt

The days of shirts coming in just one cut or style are over! No longer is the modern gentlemen forced to wear a shirt that doesn't properly fit them in the body or doesn't match their personal style!

Nowadays shirts come in a range of cuts and styles and here at Martin David we try to accommodate as many of our customers as possible and as a result we do our best to try to stock shirts to suit our customer's needs as closely as possible. In store we will always try to offer advice and guide the customer on what shirts would suit them best. We hope that this quick guide and summary will help guide you as best as possible.

At Martin David we stock 3 main cuts; Comfort fit, Modern fit and Slim line fit.

Comfort fit is a shirt which allows for a more relaxed and loose fit. These are generally more flattering to larger gentlemen who may be carrying a little bit of extra weight by allowing more space so as not to hug areas which they'd rather avoid.

Modern fit shirts accentuate the contours of the wearer's body by helping to broaden the shoulders of the man and proportionally narrow the torso, and thus eliminating the baggy look on a man. It is about a custom shirt that fits and cuts as close as possible to body lines of the man to bring out his naturally masculine built of a V-shaped cut.

Slim line fit shirts take the modern fit a step further and are most suited for someone looking for a super slim cut and style shirt that allows the customer to show off their profile while also creating a more tailored look.